Vision and Philosophy

To provide a green and sustainable home away from home, where children can express themselves and be loved and supported for who they are. To ensure each child and their families leave with the foundations of environmental sustainability and a love of learning and life.

Organic – Sustainable – Learning

Empowering all children and adults to be creative, risk takers, promoting positive attitudes and values that lead to open ended learning experiences. Inspiring our community to adopt clean, green, environmentally friendly practices for our future. Empowering children to be confident learners and communicators.

Sustainable Practices

Future Kids Preschools provide natural and plentiful outdoor spaces with a lovely bright and light indoor area. A child’s big backyard, a home away from home!

Future Kids was born from a dream to make a difference in Early Learning Education for Kiwi families. We provide the perfect environment where imagination can be grown and skills can be developed. With good old fashion values that encompass home grown cooked meals that have organic wholesome food included in them with our no added sugar policy - each and every day!

We strive to provide a green and sustainable home away from home in a wholesome, natural environment. With free access to the outdoors to run and play in the fresh air, the children have the freedom to express themselves and will be loved and supported for who they are.


Our centre has a fruit orchard with many varieties of organic fruit for the children to pick and eat including apples, Nashi, feijoas, peaches, plums, oranges, lemons, Raspberries and mandarins. Our fences are lined with grape vines and hedges made from fruit trees as part of our vision to have an edible garden. Each room as its own raised-bed gardens in which we grow organic vegetables, herbs and of course fresh strawberries. All of the produce grown will be eaten by the children, with any excess produce offered to our families or used as part of fundraising activities.

Organic menu

Offering organic wholefood choices with a zero sugar policy.  Not only are our organic menus delicious, but they fuel your child with the proper nutrition.  Providing your child with optimal health and wellness.


Our centres  are also home to our family of animals, chickens, rabbits, guinea pig, Kunekune pig, beehives and a worm farm. Daily activities for the children at the centre include handling and feeding animals, and collecting food waste from meals to feed the chickens and worm-farms. This interaction encourages children to learn about sustainability and the way nature relates to their daily lives. 

Eco-friendly cleaning products

Our centres use eco-friendly cleaning products which provide a non-toxic environment 


We are strongly focused on recycling all waste in our centre with purpose built recycling centres in each room for organic food waste, soft plastics, hard plastics and cardboard. 

Rainwater harvesting

We have two large rainwater tanks that gather rainwater from the roof then we feed it back to the gardens and orchard. 

Solar panels

Our centre has solar energy panels which store the sun’s natural energy, providing a renewable source of energy to the centre.   There are no direct greenhouse gas emissions because the electricity is made from direct sunlight rather than burning fossil fuels.

Purified water

Our centre has HRV water filters installed.  This reduces sediment, chlorine and other contaminants,  delivering clean filtered water from every tap.

Wooden furniture

Our centres are fitted with local New Zealand made high quality non toxic wood furniture with an emphasis on beauty, functionality, and environmental awareness.

Ero Reports

Our ERO Reports are available for all to view. 

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