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Earth Room


The Earth Room is a space where infants and toddlers are nurtured. Teachers respond to individual children’s cues and life in the Earth Room is centered around each child’s unique needs and ways of being. The teaching team work from the heart to create a loving space, where the relationship between the child and teacher is paramount. The partnership with you as the parent and us as the teacher, is the fundamental base of what happens for your child and how. Through this strong connection between the parent, the teacher and the child; the Earth Room at Future Kids becomes a loving, caring and nurturing space to be in.

The Earth Room is a hive of infant and toddler engagement. With the right level of challenge and curiosity inspiration, this room works with the current interest, skill and disposition of your child. As each toddler tries new approaches, new ways of moving, communicating and being, the Earth Room teaching team will respond. At Future Kids, we know that trial and error is part of the learning process for toddlers, so as a team we make sure each milestone is celebrated. Care moments are heart melting significant times throughout the day, where teachers and children work one to one to connect.

Challenges of walking, talking, climbing, communicating in a range of ways, makes the Wind Room exciting and active. Spaces for children to feel a sense of hiding enable your child moments of privacy, while the areas of curiosity around the indoor and outdoor spaces, offer new learning and skill mastery.

Water room

Older Toddlers

At Future Kids, in the Water Room, daily life is busy but calm.  As children start to grow in confidence and communication skills, the Water Room provides a space where children are seen as capable and confident. Singing and small group times start to take shape and become informal parts of the day.  Negotiation and problem solving are new skills which take practice and in the Water Room, children are given the time, space and just the right amount of teacher input, in order to master the skill of turn taking, empathy and being a friend. Care moments are special moments in the day where children begin to take responsibility for small tasks and become active leaders in their room. Teachers notice what is happening for each child, recognize the learning and teachable moments, respond through a range of skilled teaching techniques, and revisit that learning in a range of exciting and stage appropriate ways. The kaupapa in this room really starts to shine with children taking care of gardens, worms, animals, exploring nature and being active eco friendly citizens of Future Kids.


  • Sleep room
  • Covered outdoor area so they can play out of the wind and rain
  • Fabulous large windows and doors to create indoor/outdoor flow
  • Dedicated creativity station
  • Dedicated carpentry workshop area
  • Fabulous playground to expand your child’s sense of exploring
  • Fully grown trees for natural shade
  • Interaction with animals, worms, gardens and nature; which inspires taking responsibility, curiosity, empathy working with others, scientific and math concepts, cause and effect
  • The by product of animals, plants, worms are used in the programme to develop awareness and knowledge of the value of acting sustainably, organically and becoming ecologically aware
  • The Future Kids community comes to life as the skills of people in our community become friends of the centre offering specialist skills such as sewing, music, wood work, gymnastics; by using our own produce as hokohoko (trade items)
  • Learning is documented in your child’s own education portfolio (which is online as well – in a private and safe portfolio system called Educa)

Fire Room


The Fire Room offers the opportunity for children to build on emerging confidence, to understand the complexity of friendships, working with others and caring for our environment. The Fire Room offers children the chance to share ideas, be creative, take responsibility for themselves and the environment, show leadership and explore their sense of identity. The programme is built around a project base approach whereby everyday happenings such as collecting the eggs from the chickens, offers learning about how much to feed the chickens in order to get the eggs, what to do with the eggs and how many eggs do we need to sell in order to buy enough food for the chickens. The fruit trees offer another example of the project based approach whereby children are part of the growing, pruning, feeding, picking, bottling and sharing process.

The Fire Room includes approximately 15 areas of play as well, such as dress ups, junk play, construction, mat times alongside the added value of connection with nature and acting in an environmentally friendly way.

Our hope for your child when leaving us from the Fire Room is that they leave us feeling confident in who they are, strong in identity, with the competence and capability to follow their dreams into school in an environmentally and sustainable way

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