Green Living

Stainable practices

Future Kids provides plentiful, natural outdoor spaces with a lovely bright and light indoor area - a child’s big backyard a home away from home!

With good old fashion values that encompass homegrown cooked meals that have organic wholesome food included in them with our no added sugar policy - each and every day!

We will create a place where imagination can be grown and skills can be developed.

Future Kids Preschool focus on the children of our future and earth; we will inspire children to create and empower them to learn. We do this with a holistic approach that nurtures both the child and our earth.


We are strongly focused on recycling all waste in our centre with purpose built recycling centres in each room for organic food waste, soft plastics, hard plastics and cardboard.

We gather rainwater from the roof and feed it back to the gardens and orchard.


Our centre has animal hutches that are home to our family of animals; goats, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs, puppy, worms and bees. Daily activities for the children at the centre include handling and feeding animals and collecting food waste from meals to feed the chickens and worm-farms. This interaction encourages children to learn about sustainability and the way nature relates to their daily lives.

Childcare Features and benefits

  • Purified drinking water
  • Large playgrounds
  • Whole food guideline, whole food choices, healthy heart choices with organic options
  • No extra sugar added in meals
  • Recycling centre
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products

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