New Plymouth Preschool

Our Location

1 Swans Road
Bell Block
New Plymouth

Sustainable Practices

Future Kids natural outdoor spaces with a lovely bright and light indoor area - a child’s big backyard a home away from home!

With good old fashion values that encompass home grown cooked meals that have organic wholesome food included in them with our no added sugar policy - each and every day!

We will create a place where imagination can be grown and skills can be developed.

Future Kids Preschool's focus is on the children of our future and earth; we will inspire children to create, and empower them to learn. We do this with a holistic approach that nurtures both the child and our earth.

Our Philosophy

Empowering all children and adults to be creative, risk takers, promoting positive attitudes and values that lead to open ended learning experiences.
Inspiring our community to adopt clean green environmentally friendly practices for our future.
Empowering children to be confident learners and communicators.  

Our Programme

Our programme at Future Kids is based on the New Zealand early childhood education curriculum called Te Whâriki.

Future Kids is committed to providing a programme that balances the interests of the child together with the aspirations of both the parents and teachers. Our programme is varied and flexible on a day to day basis, developing the curiosities of children. We offer a range of learning opportunities to engage tamariki in a well-resourced, creative and inspiring environment.  

We see children as capable learners and we believe our job, is to provide the experiences and opportunities to encourage a love of learning, as well as the essential skills a child needs to be confident in their world.

Our team of qualified, experienced and knowledgeable teachers engage with your child; getting to know their interests and personalities. Through activities, experiences, group times, shared kai times and the choice between inside and outside play; we capture your child’s interest and creatively offer an environment where your child will have endless opportunities to communicate, explore and contribute, within our Future Kids community.

At the heart of our programme, we have a commitment to being kind, nurturing and caring while sharing in laughter throughout each day.

Our teachers document the children’s learning through observations which we call Learning Stories. We are passionate about sharing with you the experiences and learning that happens at Future Kids. This documentation can be seen within the centre, portfolios and online through a private documentation system called Educa. This documentation forms the basis of our programme planning. We aim to work in partnership with you and value the goals, aspirations and ideas you have for your child.

If you have specific goals in mind for your child, please speak to us so we can work in partnership with you in working towards these goals with your child.