Kunekune additons

Meet Olive and Lola our two new Kunekune piglets

The time had finally arrived when our piglets were old enough to head off to their new homes.  The excitement of the day was contagious.  We headed off from the centre on our adventure to the local pig breeder "George" to collect our little piggies!  In true Taranaki style, the rain was by our side the entire way, only to make the trip a little more fun as the pigs were in their element, the mud!

We had a good old chat with George and he shared all his knowledge of pigs with us.  Did you know pigs are very sociable and affectionate animals who need another pig or animal for company?  These ladies won't be short on friends!   

We then loaded up the piglets and hit the road for their new homes at Future Kids.

They are just adorable and so so calm and gentle.

Our two little girls Lola at Te Rapa and Olive at New Plymouth.